Flexible Bioenergy and System Integration

“Roles of Bioenergy Technologies in Energy System Pathways Towards a WB2/SDG World” workshop recap.

In November 2019, 44 experts and stakeholders gathered at a workshop dedicated to the “Roles of bioenergy technologies in energy system pathways towards a WB2/SDG world” in Berlin, Germany. The workshop was organized within the scope of the Inter-Task project “Role of Bioenergy in a WB2/SDG world” involving Tasks 40, 43, 44 and 45. Attendees gave presentations, discussed and distributed expert knowledge on recent scenarios relating to the contribution of bioenergy and associated technologies to achieving the reductions in greenhouse gas emissions that are needed to meet the “Well Below 2 °C” (WB2) target while simultaneously contributing to other Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) objectives.

The studies presented covered a regional to global scale and focused on single or multiple energy sectors. Common and contrasting features were identified and discussed along with the challenges and opportunities associated with different bioenergy implementation strategies. An upcoming workshop report will give an overview of the studies and summarize the findings on the assessment and development of integrated modelling supporting decision-making.