Flexible Bioenergy

Flexibility can be defined from different perspectives, such as from system, process or component level perspective. Bioenergy and system integration cover multiple different dimensions of flexibility, including temporal and spatial flexibility, feedstock, operation and end-products. Task 44 has defined flexible bioenergy as following:

“Flexible bioenergy is defined as a bioenergy system that can provide multiple services and benefits to the energy system under varying operating conditions and/or loads.

Examples of flexible bioenergy include:

  • technologies and concepts providing grid stability for a power system with large amounts of variable wind and solar energy;
  • dispatchable production of energy and other products according to market demand;
  • integrated polygeneration systems combining the production of heat, power, fuels and/or chemicals;
  • long-term storage options such as biofuels and biochemicals; or
  • ancillary services to support system reliability.”

Source: IEA Bioenergy Task 44 – Flexible bioenergy and system integration