Task 44 meeting in Leipzig in September 2022

Task 44 organized the first and long-awaited hybrid Task meeting since Covid-19 pandemic in Leipzig, Germany on 29-30 September 2022. Participants got to enjoy the beautiful Leipzig and fruitful discussions as well as great new facilities and interesting lab tours at DBFZ, who hosted the event.

A workshop on ‘Flexible bioenergy and energy crisis’ was organized among Task 44 members and experts from DBFZ as a part of the Task meeting. Martin Dotzauer from DBFZ gave an interesting presentation on topic ‘Power market mechanisms, recent developments and the role of flexible biogas plants’, guiding the audience through the German power markets and biogas sector. He showcased how smart and flexible operation of biogas plant can lead to very profitable case. Both gas storage and heat storage play an important role in the set up. Scheduled changes in feedstock type for biogas production provide future prospects for flexible generation. Martin’s presentation is available here:  IEA T44_mdotzauer_29092022

Short country updates from all the Task members were provided, highlighting especially the strategies to overcome the challenges arising from the current geopolitical situation in Europe.

Six out of nine Task 44 activities planned for the triennium 2022-2024 are already in implementation or preparation. The workshop on ‘Flexibility provision from biogenic gases’ on 23/11/2022, organized together with IEA Bioenergy Task 33 and Task 37, is one of the next activities. Further information will follow soon!

Again, we came to the conclusion that Task 44’s activities are crossing several sectors and it is a benefit to have experts with very different backgrounds represented!

Task 44 meeting in Leipzig in Sept 2022