Expert workshop – Deployment perspective of green hydrogen from biomass and green hydrogen use in bio-based processes

29 Mar, 2023
Location: Berlin/hybrid

As part of the IEA Bioenergy Inter-Task project (ITP) on ‘Synergies of green hydrogen and bio-based value chains deployment’ an expert workshop with the focus on the deployment perspective of green hydrogen from biomass and green hydrogen use in bio-based processes was organized by IEA Bioenergy Task 40 ‘Deployment of biobased value chains’ in collaboration with 9 other IEA Bioenergy Tasks. The workshop belongs to Work Package 1 ‘Status quo of synergy value chains’ of the Inter-Task project. The overall Inter-Task project is coordinated by IEA Bioenergy Task 44 ‘Flexible bioenergy and system integration’.

The workshop was an expert meeting where different stakeholders from among others industry, academia and linked IEA TCPs were invited. It was organized as a hybrid event in Berlin, Germany, with online participation and was hosted by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture. A total of 29 experts took part and 9 guest speakers presented their industrial and academic views.

The meeting was divided into two sessions. The first one focused on discussing actual concepts for producing green hydrogen from biomass and using green hydrogen in bio-based processes (industry session). The other one focused on the assessment and role of these potential concepts in the energy system (science session).

The goal of the workshop was to describe possible value chains combining hydrogen production and deployment of hydrogen and bio-based processes for different bio-based end-products, including technologies at different development stages. This was followed by a discussion on the status of their deployment perspective. Here different concepts were presented and then further explored during a moderated open discussion. The IEA Hydrogen TCP and the IEA AMF TCP Task 64 gave their views on the presented concepts as well as a general assessment on the role of biomass-based hydrogen.

There was agreement that the demand for green hydrogen will increase in the future. Therefore, it is important to understand how biomass-based processes can complement water electrolysis-based hydrogen production. Biomass-based hydrogen is currently overlooked in the ‘hydrogen rainbow’. Hence, to identify the role and potential but also limitations of biomass-based hydrogen use is key. Best practices can provide valuable insights to address the following main aspects 1) technology readiness level, 2) adaptation scale of the processes, 3) use for hydrogen and the best pathway to cover the demand of the type of use, and 4) potential of biomass supply to cover the hydrogen demand.

During the science session an assessment framework for evaluating the deployment of biomass-based hydrogen and hydrogen use in bio-based processes was discussed. Indicators (i.e., Key Performance Indicators, KPIs) are one main component of the assessment framework. They can be grouped in technical, economic, system, and environmental KPIs. In the case of bioenergy technologies, it can build on existing KPIs from various publications. Initial considerations for KPIs were presented and further elaborated.

Based on the outcome of the discussions of the industry and science sessions promising concepts will be identified which will be then described and assessed in more detail throughout the Inter-Task project.


Welcome & intro to the workshop

Presentations of the TCPs & IEA headquarters

Industry Session

Presentations of case studies on green hydrogen from biomass

Presentations of case studies on green hydrogen use in bio-based processes

Commenting speeches & moderated discussion

  • Alberto Giaconia, IEA Hydrogen TCP
  • Zoe Stadler, IEA AMF TCP

Science Session

Presentations of evaluating the deployment of synergy value chains & moderated discussion

Workshop summary and way forward

Please contact project leads Christiane Hennig and Elina Mäki for further questions.