IEA Bioenergy workshop – WS30: Bioenergy in a Net Zero Future

19 Oct, 2023
Location: Lyon/hybrid

Workshop was organised by IEA Bioenergy in collaboration with ADEME, the French Agency for Ecological Transition

At the ExCo92 workshop in Lyon on 19 October 2023, Task 44 had a contribution from Tilman Schildhauer, Paul Scherrer Institute (Switzerland) with the title:
“How flexible bioenergy and other system services from sustainable bioenergy can support the transition to a renewable energy system”.

An overview of the session, download of the presentation slides and a video recording link is further below.

Reaching net‐zero emissions globally by 2050 requires an unprecedented transformation in how energy is produced, transported and used. In the IEA Net Zero by 2050 scenario, modern bioenergy use rises to 100 EJ in 2050, meeting almost 20% of total energy supply. In an energy mix dominated by wind and solar, sustainable bioenergy features prominently in flexible energy generation, industry and transport, and is increasingly used in connection with carbon capture and utilisation or sequestration (CCUS). The captured biogenic CO2 can either be stored to achieve a net extraction of CO2 from the atmosphere (reaching so-called ‘negative emissions’) or it can be combined with green hydrogen to produce carbon-containing e-fuels and e-products.

This workshop, organised by IEA Bioenergy in collaboration with ADEME, aims to discuss the role of bioenergy in the transition to a carbon neutral energy system. In the morning sessions, the focus will be on policies and strategies to support the role of bioenergy in the energy transition. The afternoon sessions will consider the flexibility of bioenergy in the energy system, the use of biogenic CO2 and promising developments in bioenergy concepts.


Moderators: Daniela Thrän, DBFZ (Germany) & Zoe Harris, Univ. of Surrey (UK)

Video Recording

Further information, programme and downloads are available here.